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October 25, 2010

Pumpkin patch

So, when i was a kid. October meant going to a pumpkin patch, hopping in a wheel barrow and letting Dad cart us around a field until we found the perfect pumpkin. Afterward we would grab a steamy cup of Coco.
So the idea of buying a pumpkin at a grocery store was just down right depressing.
So we found a really cool "real" pumpkin patch in Pleasant Grove.
 We are missing a sister.MOVE HOME EM!!!

3 generations

 Me and My BABAY!!!!

 We each got our pumpkins. Daren found his in my belly!
AH I have to tell you I was probably more excited than my 17 month old Niece. Maybe not!!!

October 8, 2010

Fun Fall Photos

She found her belly button

October 6, 2010

Abby and Jason

I met Abby and Jason at La Caille bridal fair. 
They are the sweetest most loving couple and they just adore each other.
I really am so greatful I met them.
Their wedding was at the Catholic church at the U. We did a shoot at the Garden park ward and the reception at Tuscany.

Family Shoot