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August 27, 2009


My husbands friend needed headshots ... and check out how fun this was

Reagan Kay


This is my Niece Reese... She is the silliest, cutest and most stubborn child i know. She is 3 and knows how to manipulate situations to her benefit. Its kind of incredible to watch... Plus just look at her. What 3 year old has freckles that adorable

Kaylene and Steven


I LOVE bridals. Kerri is so beautiful

August 10, 2009

Our wedding

These are a few of my faves so far.
Daren and i are OBSESSED with Polaroid. so this is fun

Daren and i were lucky enough to meet this incredible girl named Christine Olson. We met her a the La Caille bridal fair. I was a vendor and she was a vendor. and we got to talking and we decided SHE was who we wanted as our Photographer... She in not just a wonderful Photographer but an incredible person as well, she also has great taste in music....
Please check out her website http://www.christineolsonphotography.com/