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April 19, 2009

The see Experiment

A friend of mine wrote about "The See Experiment" she and her husband were going to start doing it. Its a Photo contest. It seemed fun so i thought id try it. Cuz, well i love Photography. The theme this time was "negative Space"
This is the image i entered
So check out the site... Vote too if you want
she is going to give people a theme every few weeks and then we get to vote for our favs. Everyone ( the 5 who did this challenge) did such a great job and there was so much variety. I loved it.
Great Job Linda... Zack looks amazing

For fun

While in Cali, i was able to see and meet some GREAT people. Here is a wonderful man who spends his days on the pier and this is his pet pelican, Scooby.
I wanted to spend all day talking with him. I learned alot. Look at the wisdom in his face

Christina, Ian, Aria and Ethan

One of my dearest friends from hightschool. Love her so much and her famliy is just gorgeous!!!

Chris and Megan

While in California i was able to work with another Photographer. She was incredible and so so sweet. Here are a few shots i got of the day. I was in charge on the groom and grooms men.. as you can see.

Nordstrom Family

This is my aunt and uncle and thier Daghter. I was in Cali for a few weeks and got to do a ton of work while playing.

Brandy and Bobby

Burgon Family

Dear Friend from Highschool and his beautiful Family!!!!!


Got to go out with a great friend and do this shoot with her.
SHe was amazing as were the girls

Engagement Shoot

This couple was so beautiful, Just look at them.
They had so much fun together. and i had so much fun working with them